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Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Aregentina.



2020-2017     Actually assists to Julio Alan Lepez’s painting workshop

2020-2018     Actually assists to Gabriela Cabezon Camara’s writing workshop

2017         Collaborates as assistent for argentinian painter Eugenio Cuttica

2014         Student of visual arts at Ecola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro 

2013-2012     Student of visual arts at Universidad del Museo Social Argentino




2020         The darkness in the trees that are not seen, Fundación La casa de al lado, BA

2018         All together, all alone, Espacio Ftalo Gallery, BA, Argentina

2015         Human, Niceta Espacio Gallery, BA, Argentina




2020         Female Imaginary, Tamburini Museum, Córdoba, Argentina

2018         Three, together with Julio Alan Lepez and Santiago Erausquin, Espacio Ftalo Gallery

2018-2017     X Painting Prize, Tamburini Museum, Córdoba, Argentina

2017         Bien Urbain, Pond Castle, Bagnolet, France

2015         Exploring Europacity, Agora Collective, Berlin, Germany

        The Living-Room, Agora Collective, Berlin, Alemania

2014         Brasilian Art Developers, ArtRua, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

        Sortie d’atelier, IPN artists’ collective, Toulouse, France




2019         Selected in the National Painting Hall, Argentina

2019         Selected in the Fortabat Fundation Painting Prize

2019         Selected in the Bancor Fundation Painting Prize

2017         Mention of Young Art, X Painting Prize, Bancor Fundation

2017         Selected in the Federal Biennial, Argentina




2019         PAC Proyect, at Gachi Prieto Gallery

2016         MANO Architecture Proyect, artists and architects collective, Bagnolet, France

2015         Europe City in Berlín, Affect Program, formato Agora Collective, Berlin 

        Exploring the Endotic, Affect Program, formato Agora Collective, Berlin

2014         Recidency at IPN, artists collective, Toulouse, France


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